Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Debut Trailer

What’s that you say, you’re still busy popping off headshots in Battlefield 3 and MW3? Cuz Black Ops is back and looking more sci-fi than ever. The future hits the battlefield in November this year.

Rob Riggle Shows Off COD’s Black Box Map

Comedian and U.S. Marine, Rob Riggle is giving you a preview of the new Black Box Maps in Modern Warfare 3. Pack your bags, cuz you’re about to go on a tour of Russia and India. Hope you like to travel, soldier.

Paintball Slingshot Gaming

It’s kinda like Modern Warfare, and with a dash of Dead Space, and a combo of cute hipster chicks. I think we just found the new American pastime.

Letters From the Virtual Battlefield

This modern twist on correspondences between a solider on the frontline and a loved on back home is perhaps an unintentional reminder of what huge man-children most of us are.

Gary Oldman Talks Call of Duty

Gary Oldman sits down with Coco to discuss the intricate process of recording his part of Viktor Reznov in COD. In short, lots of shouting.