Christine Archibald, a social worker from Canada, is the first victim named in the London Bridge terror attack.

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A sea lion jumped up to the edge of a dock in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, and dragged a girl into the water. Watch the shocking video here.

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Serena McKay, a teenager from Canada, was beaten to death and a video was streamed on Facebook Live. Here are photos to remember her life.

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Serena McKay, a teenager from Canada, was murdered, and police are investigating allegations the death was streamed on Facebook Live.

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Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau’s first meeting at the White House has resulted in a few great photos of the leaders meeting.

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Donald Trump held his first joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been a critic of Trump’s policies.

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Azzedine Soufiane is the first victim identified in the mass shooting at a Quebec City Mosque. A suspect, Alexandre Bissonnette, is under arrest.

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Alexandre Bissonnette has been identified as one of two men accused of killing six people in an attack on a mosque in Quebec City. See photos of him here.

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A lone gunman reportedly opened fire a crowd of 40 performing evening prayers at a mosque in Quebec, Canada on January 29. Mohamed Belkhadir was held as a witness.

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Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, has been accused of killing six people in a “barbaric” terror attack on a Quebec City mosque.

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Canadian media report a Quebec City mosque shooter yelled “Allahu Akbar” during the shooting. The main suspects is identified as Alexandre Bissonnette.

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Fake news alert: David Aurine and Mathieu Fornier are not the suspects in the Quebec City shooting. Their names were used in a tweet by a “parody” Reuters account.

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Six people were reported shot dead after a shooter opened fire at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center.

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Canada was rocked by a mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City on January 29. Watch the latest videos and get the latest news from the scene.

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Six people were killed and eight were wounded when gunmen opened fire during prayers at Quebec City mosque in what Canadian officials are calling a terrorist attack.

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Alaa Al-Muhandis has been named as a Canadian victim of the Istanbul Reina nightclub ISIS attack. An American, Jacob Raak, survived.

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