If you’re looking for a good last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, try our top five best chocolate gift baskets.

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Here are the top five best Valentine’s Day candy gift ideas to delight your Valentine this year.

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Switch Witch, a doll-and-book set for children that magically takes away their excess Halloween candy, entered the Shark Tank in Season 7.

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If you need to stay on a budget when stocking up on candy this year, we’ve put together a list of the best cheap Halloween candy for 2015.

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Here are our picks for the 10 best Halloween candy deals of 2015, complete with decorative packaging.

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Wondering what you should put in your kid’s Easter basket this year? We weigh in with our favorite chocolate bunnies, Easter candy, and even some allergy-free candy ideas.

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Impress your love with these chocolate treats. From chocolate-covered pretzels to chocolate roses, we have selected the best to make your partner’s heart melt.

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Candy is a great gift for the most romantic day of the year. Here are some great gift ideas.

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Heart-shaped boxes of candy are lame. These gift baskets take it to the next level.

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Need cheap stocking stuffers? Check out these deals on candy, toys, and more.

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Need some candy to stuff inside a Christmas stocking? Check out these sweet deals.

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Still hunting for the right Christmas present? These gifts are totally unexpected.

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Deric Peace said he turned his refrigerator’s ice dispenser into a frozen candy dispenser. To prove it, he provided a video to show how anyone can do it too.

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Would you try a Sakura Maccha Latte Kit Kat? (Say that 3x fast.)

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Have a sweet tooth? Seeing these candies may rectify that. Gummy roadkill cat? A box of boogers? As Willy would say, “Wonka the fudge?!”

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Chew on this.

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