19-year-old Jaime Ramos has been identified as the only living suspect in a bank robbery, kidnapping and car chase that left one victim and two suspects dead in California.

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Ryan Stone, 29, was apprehended after three successful carjackings and a high-speed chase.

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A suspect on the “Most Wanted List” along with two others have been taken into custody after crashing into two FBI cars during a high-speed chase through Philadelphia.

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Following a high-speed chase, Dallas police have cornered a suspect who allegedly shot and killed his pregnant girlfriend.

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Television helicopters followed along as several cruisers chased a stolen Pathfinder.

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Fox News chased a car chase today until it came to an unexpected end: a live on-air suicide that’s left the “Fair and Balanced News Network” red-faced.

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Your neighborhood stimulus package has arrived.

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