A tractor trailer stuck on train tracks in Mer Rouge, Lousiana was struck by a train carrying argon. Watch the scary collision of the two vehicles here.

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A crowd gathered at the AutoMotorSportief monster truck show in Haaksbergen, Netherlands had to run for their lives when truck came at them. 3 people are dead.

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A Clearwater, Florida man has acrobatics to thank after walking away from a car crash uninjured. Check out the insane video of him surviving getting hit.

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A driver going too slow for the fast lane decides to slam on his brakes for the guy behind him and causes a massive pileup. A dash cam caught it all on video.

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Unfortunately when you drive like an a-hole you not only can hurt yourself, but others on the road, too.

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Watch raw video of a Florida man veer wildly across a road in Fort Myers, until he flips his car right over, all because he had to send a text message.

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Watch a pick-up truck slide off frozen Minnesota I-35, and land seamlessly in a holding pond below. The driver was not seriously injured, but the video is seriously awesome.

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A serious accident has occurred involved a van and NJ transit bus #40 at the intersection of Doremus Avenue and Port Street in Newark, NJ.

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Up to 100 vehicles were involved in a pileup on a fog-covered bridge in London during Thursday morning rush hour

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If you have gaping holes in your roads, you’re going to have a bad time.

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