A photo of a young woman and her “bae” speeding at 180 KMH, or 111 MPH, before they both crashed and overturned the car was all uploaded to her Snapchat story.

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Austin Dillon was racing in the Sprint Cup Daytona 2015 Coke Zero 400 when at the end of the race he was involved in a fiery crash that injured 5 fans.

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Ben Woolf, the 4ft 4ins tall actor from ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ has died in hospital four days after being hit by a car while crossing a street in Hollywood.

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A parking lot fight turns into a hit-and-run, attempted murder when a driver backs up and over a man. The man grabs onto the car and goes for a ride.

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A new video has emerged that may spell trouble for Bruce Jenner in the wake of the fatal car crash in Malibu he was involved in earlier this month.

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Actor Gary Busey has been involved in a car accident in Malibu, just down the road from the scene of Bruce Jenner’s crash a week ago

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Bob Simon, the veteran CBS journalist who has worked on 60 Minutes for nearly 20 years, has been killed in a car crash in New York.

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Hollywood agent Jessica Steindorff has been named as one of the drivers in the fatal multi-car crash involving Bruce Jenner but she denies being the cause of the tragedy.

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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ actress Linsey Godfrey reportedly broke both legs in a freak accident when a car mounted the sidewalk in Los Angeles and crashed into her.

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A semi-truck on the New Jersey Turnpike stretch of I-95 was caught on camera narrowly missing a car stopped on the highway due to weather related traffic.

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Margo Bronstein is the suspect in the DUI crash that killed three people at a Christmas carol concert in Redondo Beach, California.

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Margo Bronstein is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated after a horrific accident at
St. James Catholic Church in Redondo Beach, California.

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A tractor trailer stuck on train tracks in Mer Rouge, Lousiana was struck by a train carrying argon. Watch the scary collision of the two vehicles here.

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A crowd gathered at the AutoMotorSportief monster truck show in Haaksbergen, Netherlands had to run for their lives when truck came at them. 3 people are dead.

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A Clearwater, Florida man has acrobatics to thank after walking away from a car crash uninjured. Check out the insane video of him surviving getting hit.

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A driver going too slow for the fast lane decides to slam on his brakes for the guy behind him and causes a massive pileup. A dash cam caught it all on video.

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