Car Jumps Rope

The only thing that would make this clip cooler is if they did it Double Dutch style…

Top Gear: The Marauder

Richard Hammond goes to South Africa to test the Marauder – a ten-ton military vehicle so tough it can withstand high explosives.

Tougher Than You Can Imagine

This motorcycle-riding, fire-breathing, armor-plated, rocket-launching wild boar and his lactose-tolerant ape sidekick have a few demands.

Viper ACR Regains Nürburgring Record

A Dodge Viper ACR set a Nürburgring record of 7:22.1 in 2008 making it the fastest production car round the ‘Ring. The record was toppled in 2011 by Chevrolet then Porsche then Lexus, but the Dodge is back on top.