The 20 Worst Vanity Plates

Squeezing your motto into a tiny license plate with only 6 or 7 characters can be a hefty challenge. These 20 drivers have tried and while some succeed, many did not.

Girls And Ferraris

Both are objects of beauty, both are ogled, admired and both get damn expensive. Here, we celebrate two of man’s greatest obsessions: beautiful women and high powered Ferrari’s.

The Wall Of Death Lives On

The Wall of Death is a sideshow where stunt drivers ride and carry out tricks inside a large wooden cylinder. The attraction reached it’s zenith in the 1930s, but the Diamond Maruti Car Circus in India carry on the tradition with incredible flair.

Crazy Ford Escorts

This vintage racing footage shows drivers throwing race prepped Ford Escorts all over rally courses in the 80’s and 90’s. It reminds us that drifting has been around for a while…

Breaking The Sound Barrier In A Car

Thrust SSC holds the World Land Speed Record when it achieved a speed of 763 mph (1,228 kph) and became the first car to break the sound barrier. Under the hood? 110,000 horses.

Tales Of The Rat Fink

Renaissance man Ed “Big Daddy” Roth engineered a shift in mid-20th century culture with his customized cars, “monster” T-shirts and America’s alternative rodent, Rat Fink. Watch the complete bio.

The Worst… Or Maybe Best Car Salesman Ever

Rudy used to be a gynecologist in Cuba. Does that make him a great used car salesman in America? Maybe not, but where else can the ladies go to get checked up and get a great deal on a used Chevy Impala?

Top Gear Racing Action

Check in at the Honda Indy of Toronto to find out how some of the sport’s top drivers keep their cars in racing shape.

1950′s Fifth Wheel Parking Concept

If you’ve never had to wait on somebody while they struggle to parallel park, then you’ve probably been that person behind the wheel struggling to park. Somehow this inventive concept to make parking a breeze never caught on.