Belvin Perry Jr. was the presiding judge for Casey Anthony’s murder trial. He will be featured as part of ID’s new documentary Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery.

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Zenaida Gonzalez, or “Zanny the Nanny”, is the woman Casey Anthony initially accused of kidnapping her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Learn more about Gonzalez here.

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Jose Baez was the lead attorney for Casey Anthony. He is also a New York Times best-selling author.

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Click here to see photos from Casey Anthony’s trial, pictures of her parent’s home, and snaps of Caylee Anthony’s memorial.

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George Anthony is Casey Anthony’s father, and will be featured in ID’s new three-part docuseries, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery.

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What is Casey Anthony up to now? Find out about her life today.

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Learn about Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, here.

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Is Casey Anthony pregnant? Is she going having a baby with a new man? Get the details here.

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What time will the new Casey Anthony documentary air? What channel is it on? Get the details for Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery here.

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One of the biggest mysteries in the Caylee Anthony murder is the identity of her father. Casey Anthony, her mother, said it was one man, but was it really him?

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Casey Anthony, who just gave her first public interview since she was acquitted of Caylee’s death, is living with private investigator Patrick J. McKenna.

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Enquiring minds want to know.

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Stunning new evidence to be revealed in the Casey Anthony case, where prosecutors are reported to have missed on 98 percent of what could have led to a conviction.

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