Laura Perlongo is the woman who stole ‘Catfish’ star Nev Schulman’s heart. The couple posted their engagement announcement on Instagram over the weekend.

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On MTV’s Catfish, it looks like a guy who calls himself Derick, is using a man named Jeremale Johnson’s photos to impress Jeanette.

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Shuntay Carson brings her mother Jeanette on an episode of Catfish to see if her mother is being tricked by someone named Derick. Get to know Shuntay.

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On tonight’s episode of Catfish, Shuntay helps her mom Jeanette Conner find out who her online love “Derick” really is …

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Malik Capers is one of the subjects on tonight’s season 5 premiere of MTV’s show Catfish. Check out his best Instagram photos and episode details.

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On the season 5 premiere episode of MTV’s show Catfish, we have the case of Dejay, Malik and Josiah. Get the details here.

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Hundra Campfort wants to find out who the real Emily is on Catfish. Read on for details.

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Read on for the details on Andria an David’s episode of Catfish from season 4.

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Sara Peccia is on tonight’s episode of Catfish. Read on and check out her best and hottest Facebook photos here.

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Ashley Pietrowicz shows she is a true “catfish” with Thaddius Robinson and Sara Peccia on tonight’s episode of MTV’s Catfish.

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Check out our 5 Fast Facts on tonight’s episode of Catfish with Thaddius Robinson, Sara Peccia, and Ashley Pietrowicz impersonating Sara Jackson.

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Kenneth Ryan Anthony is most known as Rapper R. Prophet, but now he’s known as the guy on Catfish who’s trying to find his online girlfriend Trinity.

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Read on for details on the Catfish episode of Falesha Sapko and Jacqueline Linkwood as well as Tracey Armah.

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Who is Gregory Johnson and why is he on the MTV show Catfish? Read on.

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Check out the best photos of Tiana (Titi Renee) from season 4 of Catfish in the episode of “Tiana and James.”

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Check out the details on Tiana and James’ episode of Catfish

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