Watch the canonization and sainthood ceremonies for Mother Teresa live via online video from the Vatican.

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The Mother Teresa ‘Do it Anyway’ poem is much beloved. However, she did not write it herself.

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Mother Teresa is being canonized by Pope Francis as a result of performing two miracles, on Monica Besra and Marcilio Andrino.

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Rodney Earl Sanders is accused in the murders of Catholic nuns Margaret Held and Paula Merrill in Mississippi.

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Longtime Catholic priest Father Rene Robert of St. Augustine, Florida, was found murdered in central Georgia. The longtime deaf advocate and prison ministers suspected murderer, Steven Murray, was charged earlier this week. Here’s what you need to know.

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Easter Sunday is the most important day on the Christian calendar. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Learn more about the sacred holiday’s traditions and meaning.

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Good Friday is a solemn day of mourning for Christians. They day observes the betrayal, crucifixion and death of Jesus. It falls on the Friday before Easter.

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Mother Teresa was approved for sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican announced Friday. Her second miracle for canonization was approved by Pope Francis.

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Pope Francis delivered a speech in English to Congress today that included an audience of VP Biden and Speaker of the House Boehner. Watch the full video here.

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The Pope’s US visit is making people crazy for all things Pope Francis. If you want to get in on the fun, here are some of the best Pope Francis dolls and bobbleheads on sale right now.

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If you’re excited for the Pope’s first visit to the US, here are some great shirts, bobbleheads, holy cards, and other items to commemorate this historic event.

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Americans are awaiting the arrival of the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, to New York and Philadelphia after His Holiness visits Cuba. See the best, funny memes here.

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Good Friday is a solemn day for Christians. They day observes the betrayal, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. It always falls on the Friday before Easter.

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Holy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper, when Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Learn more about its history and meaning.

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Cardinal Edward Egan, the former Archbishop of New York, has died at the age of 82 after going into cardiac arrest in New York City.

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Lent is the 40-day period of fasting and doing good works before Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Here is some insight into the season.

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