The girlfriend of oil fortune heir Andrew Getty been detained after he died from “traumatic rectal injury.”

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Olivia Culpo is the girlfriend of Nick Jonas. Check out the facts on the Miss Universe queen Jonas is dating, her net worth, age and who took Jonas’ virginity.

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Check out the links to the 2015 Kids Choice Awards live stream and how to watch the show online.

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The Kids Choice Awards 2015 host is Nick Jonas and we’ve got all the details on his hosting gig, net worth and best Instagram photos.

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Check out all the details on Nick Jonas, host of the 2015 Kids Choice Awards, plus his upcoming performances and how he feels about getting slimed.

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Check out all the nominees you’ve voted for in hopes of them being winners at the 2015 Kids Choice Awards. Read on to see how your voting nominated them.

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Clearly, One Direction is going through a rough time as we see Harry Styles crying on stage after Zayn Malik announces that he’s quitting the 1D band.

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Check out all the info on Catfish guest detective, actor Alex Shaffer and the episode he appears on.

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David Hasselhoff performed a medley of songs from the 1980s on American Idol on Wednesday night. Enough said.

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Boy George appears as a mentor on American Idol 2015 during an 80’s episode. Read on for details.

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On tonight’s episode of American Idol, the top 11 contestants of 2015 will be narrowed down to 9 performers. Check out the top 11 singers one last time.

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Is Zayn Malik quitting One Direction? Has the 1D band-mate decided to leave? Read on.

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Lollapalooza’s evolution from counter-culture festival to mainstream showpiece is now complete.

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Who Is A on Pretty Little Liars? The big PLL spoiler of the season 5 finale is … Charles?

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Who is A on Pretty Little Liars? Is it PLL character Andrew Campbell? Read on for spoilers and theories.

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Check out all the best behind-the-scenes photos and cast pics from season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, gearing up for the 2015 PLL finale.

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