When is the iPhone 7 release date? Why was the iPhone SE released instead on March 21? See iPhone 7 photos and details here.

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Whether you are always driving through dead zones, or are planning a boat or RV excursion, a portable cell phone signal booster can be a life saver.

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With your own cell phone signal booster, you’ll never have to take phone calls outside again. Two easily mountable antennas is all you need.

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If you’re looking for a cell phone or tablet accessory that has a lot of functionality, check out this unique device from Kingston.

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T-Mobile wants to give you a free iPhone 5s as part of their “7 Night Stand” promotion. Here’s what you need to know.

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We’ve got the full rundown on the price, release date, carriers, features, and specs for Amazon’s first smartphone.

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AT&T might be buying DirecTV. Here’s what you need to know about this possible bit of tech news.

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We round up cheap prepaid phones and compare some of the best prepaid phones on the market.

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Finding the right cell phone or smartphone for grandma can be tough.

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A contract-free iPhone 5s will be available for $549.

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Wrong number texts can sometimes be hilarious. Here’s the top 20 funniest wrong number texts.

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Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam says he may drop cell phone contracts.

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Happy birthday, cell phones. The item that never leaves many of our hands daily and nightly turns 40 today.

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A Canadian family got the shock of their lives upon returning from a Mexico vacation – a bill from their cell phone provider for $22,000 in roaming charges.

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All those sniffing dogs are about to be out of a job.

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Grandma, I meant to say ‘Have a nice time in Florida’ and not ‘Hey Grandma? Do dem bunzz come with that Shake 8=====)’

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