Enjoy this developer crafted tips and cheats for the new mobile puzzler inspired by the new Kubo film.

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Here’s the second and final portion of the developer crafted strategy guide for the mobile card battler, Shadowverse.

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Master the latest iOS/Android card battler Shadowverse with this developer crafted strategy guide that delves into different types of card classes.

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Hack, slash and proclaim your dominance over other fortresses with this developer crafted tips guide for Fortress Legends.

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Utilize these developer crafted tips to maneuver around unscathed and always ready to take out your foes in Deus Ex GO.

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It’s time to delve into Seven Guardians and dominate the strategic wars you’ll need to win with this developer crafted tips guide.

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If you’re heading into Paragon and are looking to become an integral member of your team, these characters tips and tricks will show you how.

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The development team behind Deckstorm threw some tips our way so you can prevail during your card battling duels.

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Primal Legends is a fun mix of match-three gameplay and TCG. To make sure you properly master it, use these developer tips to do just that.

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To commemorate the launch of OlliOlli: Epic Combo Edition, the creative masterminds offered up some tips to would-be skateboarders.

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The official game for the 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship is here. Check out this developer created tips guide for the SBK16 Official Mobile Game.

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Choose your hero, collect loot and battle to the death with this tips guide straight from the developers of HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales.

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The legendary Iron Maiden have brought their wild album covers and music to life in a new action RPG. Enjoy this tips guide straight from the mad minds behind Legacy of the Beast.

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The best strategies for Netmarble’s newest mobile RPG can be found within this developer made tips guide for SoulKing.

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Items are practically a requirement for players who want to be successful at Pokémon Go. Where can you get more Poke Balls, coins, eggs, incense, and other items?

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Pokémon Go will generally only last a few hours on a standard smartphone’s battery life. How can you save battery while playing?

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