A Chinese woman was killed after saving her child and falling into an escalator shaft in a shopping center in central China,.

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Formosa Water Park in the Bali district of Taipei was hosting a “Color Day Asia” event when Holi colored powder ignited into a blazing inferno, injuring over 200.

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Muhammed Amin is an eighty-year-old Islamic State jihadi militant from China. He is interviewed in the latest propaganda video purportedly released by ISIS.

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Want to celebrate the Lunar New Year? Here are five fun ideas for the whole family.

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It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year, and it’s year 2129 or 4713 in the calendar. There’s some confusion whether it’s the zodiac year of the sheep, ram, or goat, too.

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Want to celebrate Chinese New Year the right way? Here are some ideas for having fun on this important holiday.

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TransAsia Flight B22816 clipped a highway bridge and crashed into the Keelung River in Taiwan Wednesday, killing at least 26 people.

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When is the Chinese New Year for 2015 and what year are they celebrating in China?

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A new BBC video shows the treatment of Apple workers assembling iPhones and iPads at the Pegatron factory in China. It’s not pretty.

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A San Francisco sightseeing bus tour guide went on a racist rant about Chinese people in Chinatown to tourists on her last day on the job while drinking alcohol.

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A panda in the bamboo woods of Sichuan, China found himself alone so he decided to masturbate. World Wildlife Federation researchers had set up cameras.

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Find the Asian girlfriend of your dreams.

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A Chacao, Venezuela protester in a government demonstration caught a tear gas canister grenade fired at him by riot police and threw it back at the officers.

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The Umbrella Revolution, once known as Occupy Central, continues to rage in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protesters stand up to communist Beijing’s vote vetting.

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Protesters have marched on Hong Kong’s financial district and government buildings in response to Beijing’s election rigging. They call it the Umbrella Revolution.

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Students in Hong Kong have taken to the streets to protest communist Beijing government. They have been joined by the Occupy movement and have been met by police.

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