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umbrella revolution, hong kong, occupy central

A Chacao, Venezuela protester in a government demonstration caught a tear gas canister grenade fired at him by riot police and threw it back at the officers.

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Pro Democracy Supporters Attempt To Bring Hong Kong To A Stand Still With Mass Rally

The Umbrella Revolution, once known as Occupy Central, continues to rage in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protesters stand up to communist Beijing’s vote vetting.

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hong kong, pro-democracy, students, beijing

Protesters have marched on Hong Kong’s financial district and government buildings in response to Beijing’s election rigging. They call it the Umbrella Revolution.

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Pro Democracy Supporters Attempt To Bring Hong Kong To A Stand Still With Mass Rally

Students in Hong Kong have taken to the streets to protest communist Beijing government. They have been joined by the Occupy movement and have been met by police.

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china, chinese baby, toilet, woman, girl, flushed, rescue

A baby flushed down a Chinese university toilet so her mother could conceal her pregnancy was rescued by cutting into the pipe after her cries were heard.

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senior citizens, china, bus

A young man in China who refused to give up his bus seat to a senior citizen suffered the violent consequences when other seniors on the bus beat him up for it.

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baidu eye, china, chinese google class, baidu, google, google glass, glass, wearables, headset, videos, technology

Call us crazy, but the Baidu Eye might actually be cooler than Google Glass.

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A SWAT officer in China was unable to get time off of his 24-hour shift to take wedding photos with his bride-to-be. They decided to take pictures at his work.

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Indiana Pacers' forward Ron Artest (L) drives to t

Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace is allegedly changing his name again as he joins the Chinese Basketball Association’s Sichuan Blue Whales. Here’s all the info.

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