Celebrate a Happy Cinco de Mayo for 2016 with some of the best quotes and sayings in honor of the day.

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It’s Cinco de Mayo 2016 and Totally Chipotle Day as well. Get the rundown on what we know about Chipotle for the holiday, along with menu recipes.

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Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for “fifth of May” and it commemorates the Battle of Puebla in Mexico. But in the United States, the day has become a celebration of Mexican culture and cuisine.

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Are you looking for Cinco De Mayo recipes that are easy to make for your 2016 fiesta? Check out some delicious party foods and appetizers here.

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What day does Cinco de Mayo 2016 fall on this year? When does the date hit your calendar?

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Are you planing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some delicious guacamole? Read on to find out Eva Longoria’s famous guacamole recipe.

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For Cinco de Mayo 2015, check out the best Mexican food recipes for appetizers, main dishes, and more.

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Read on for the history and meaning behind why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

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Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and you still don’t know where to celebrate. Read on for details on the top bars, their food, and specials.

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Today is Cinco de Mayo! While it is isn’t “Mexican Independence Day”, people—especially Americans—like to party like it is. Here are drinking party game ideas!

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May 5 is Cinco de Mayo. Contrary to popular American belief, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. But in the United States it’s celebrated just the same!

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May 4, 2015 is “Star Wars Day” because the pun on “May the force (fourth) be with you” but Cinco de Mayo is “Revenge of the 5th”, a pun on “Sith.”

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Check out the details on when to celebrate Cinco de Mayo for 2015, the date of the holiday, when it is, and how you can have a good time for the day.

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Wear these hilarious shirts for Cinco de Mayo 2015.

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Need to stock up on margarita mix for Cinco de Mayo? Here are five of our favorites, including organic, sugar-free, and low-cal options.

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If you’re getting ready for a Cinco de Mayo bash, you may have considered getting a margarita machine to entertain your guests. Here are our top picks.

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