A female reporter covering the Baltimore protests over the death of Freddie Gray was robbed of her equipment by youths participating in the coinciding riots and looting.

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President Barack Obama greeted thousands Saturday at the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Civil Rights marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

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Demetrius Taylor was in his car in a North Minneapolis, Minnesota neighborhood when he noticed a white man taking photos of him and holding a gun.

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February 4, 2015 is Rosa Parks Day. The day honors her civil rights involvement, specifically her refusal to give up her bus seat in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama.

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Today it was announced by Harper Lee’s publisher that the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird” would be releasing a sequel on July 14, 2015. Reserve your copy now.

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Harper Lee has announced that her sequel to the literary classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” will be released this year. But what day does it become available?

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Harper Lee, author of the literary classic To Kill A Mockingbird, has announced she will publish her second novel Go Set a Watchman 55 years after her debut.

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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Langston Hughes’ 113th birthday and his poem I Dream a World. It also marks the beginning of Black History Month 2015.

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Black History Month 2015 begins today, February 1. Learn about the origins of the month that celebrates African-American contributions to American culture here.

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February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month 2015. Celebrate African-American contributions to U.S. heritage and culture with these memes and quotes.

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Jerame Reid was the black man shot and killed by police officers Days and Worley in a traffic stop in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Reid had his hands up when killed.

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Jerame Reid was shot and killed by police on December 30, 2014 during a traffic stop in Bridgeton, New Jersey. The man was unarmed but has a violent history.

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StevoTheMadMan is a British Instagram comedian who claims he was approached and attacked by armed police while filming a sketch using fake guns.

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A group of protesters filed a $40 million lawsuit alleging civil rights violations by militarized police during the Ferguson, Missouri, protests.

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On what would have been her 87th birthday, let’s honor tennis legend Althea Gibson by taking a look at some photos.

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Althea Gibson was a pioneer in tennis and an inspiration for many of the players competing in the U.S. Open, which begins Monday in New York.

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