Robert James Waller, the author of The Bridges of Madison County, has died. He was 77.

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Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger was the pilot responsible for the Miracle on the Hudson and is the subject of Tom Hanks’ new movie Sully. Click to learn more about him.

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There are few Hollywood icons as famous, and as rich, as Clint Eastwood. Click to learn how much the prolific actor/director is worth.

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Anyone who saw Suicide Squad and wanted to see Scott Eastwood in action might be a bit disappointed.

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The war drama film based on the autobiography of Chris Kyle, the deadliest U.S. military sniper in history, comes out January 16, 2015. It’s directed by Clint Eastwood.

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In Season 4 of Revenge, Brian Hallisay plays a new character, Ben, who is a possible love interest for Emily. Hallisay is married to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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From Taylor and Harry to R-Pat and Kristen, love was on the rocks this year for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity couples. These are the most notable splits of 2013.

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Dina Eastwood has filed for divorce from long-time husband Clint Eastwood. Here are the 5 fast facts on the news as well as some background on Dina.

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Clint Eastwood’s rumored fiancee Erica Tomlinson-Fisher has a lot on her plate, caught in the middle of a love triangle and impending divorce. Read the facts.

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Scott Eastwood is on the scene. Clint Eastwood’s son is Hollywood’s next leading man. He’s hot and the spitting image of young Clint Eastwood … Check him out.

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Hollywood heavy-weight and hottie Ben Affleck turns 41 today! Take a look at these photos of Ben goofing off, having fun with fans, and looking hot as always.

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You think it’s easy being married to Clint?

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The “Dirty Harry” star fights for gay marriage.

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“Siri, find me a list of ferret riddles.” — @ZooeySiri

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It was bound to happen eventually… the song about Clint Eastwood’s chair speech. Expect a world tour this fall.

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Poor chair wasn’t even prepared for the brutal assault that Clint was unleashing.

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