A Pittsburgh Craigslist ad is making waves, offering $40,000 a year for a person to attend Harvard—tuition paid. Catch is they have to commit fraud doing it.

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These are the 5 best laptops for students.

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A sociology professor is offering a summer course on Miley Cyrus revolving around race, class, gender, and the media.

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A female only barbershop quartet?!

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The Duke freshman who admitted her life as a porn star to Xojane has now revealed her stage name is Belle Knox.

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John Durkin of Rye, New Hampshire has been missing in Rome since February 19. He was last seen in the city’s Campo del Fiori neighborhood.

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John Durkin, a Bates College student from Rye, New Hampshire, who is studying in Rome, has been missing since February 19.

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Madison Holleran, 19, is the University of Pennsylvania track and soccer star who jumped to her death in an apparent suicide in Center City, Philadelphia.

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According to a Deadspin report, LeBeauf, an assistant basketball coach at the University of Arizona, sent a dick pic to a player’s mother.

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Stack the empty beer cans high, add some lights, a star and… Voilà!

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Her name is Vodka_Samm and she is my spirit animal.

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