Minutes after her funeral was due to start, Vanessa Collier’s family and friends were told her funeral had been canceled. Vanessa’a wife says the cancelation was because Collier was a lesbian.

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Landon Sarti has been arrested and charged with the murder of Brandon Crawford, 15, in Clifton, Colorado. On his Facebook, Sarti says that he’s a Juggalo.

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Harold Henthorn is the man accused of pushing his wife, Toni, off a cliff in the Rocky Mountains for life insurance money.

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Michael Whitington is going to jail, but he’s all smiles. The Denver, Colorado man allegedly robbed a bank and escaped on a train, but police got him. Here’s his mugshot.

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A man and young woman in Jefferson County, CO went on a crazy carjacking spree on I-70. They stole over 3 cars and broke into 2 homes before police got them.

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The Denver teenager was arrested on her way to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter and join forces with the terror group.

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A Nas concert at Red Rocks turned violent when three people were shot outside Denver, Colorado.

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It’s not known what caused the explosion.

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Watch what happens when a Bitcoin ATM shows up on Capitol Hill.

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Ryan Stone, 29, was apprehended after three successful carjackings and a high-speed chase.

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Jaacob Van Winkle has been named as the suspect in the murder of a mother and her two children in Canon City, Colorado. Van Winkle is a convicted sex offender.

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One person has been killed and three others are injured after an avalanche in Colorado.

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Shoppers with really big smiles gladly forked over their cash for Kush as Colorado’s law allowing the sale of weed went into effect on New Year’s Day.

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The stepfather is reported to have believed that his stepdaughter was an intruder. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

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After a lockdown on Thursday, police arrested two teenagers form Trinidad High School in Colorado.

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Known for his fierce political views, Pierson was allegedly targeting the school’s debate coach.

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