Wedding Photographer Fail

Walking backwards is never a brilliant idea. It’s acceptable in certain situations but you have to know the terrain. This guy didn’t.

What Lindsay Lohan Can Expect In Jail

Now that the unthinkable has happened, and that pristine bastion of integrity and sober wholesome goodness, Lindsay Lohan, has been sent to jail, she’s going to have to make a few adjustments in order to survive.

Auto-Tune The Double Rainbow

What’s more amazing than a rainbow? A double rainbow. What’s more amazing than a double rainbow? An auto-tuned double rainbow. Don’t tell me if there’s anything more amazing than that.

20 Funniest Personal Ads of All Time

Searching for affection in a newspaper must be a low moment. But sometimes a little creativity (or desperation) can go a long way. Check out the funniest personal ads of all time.

Heat Wave!

The whole right half of the continental U.S. is being blanketed in an oppressive, smoldering heat wave. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat.

A Nerd’s Guide To Dating

You probably don’t even think about dating much anymore. You probably just see it as a distant solar flare on a horizon of Twinkies and Mountain Dew bottles and fat.

Captions For Cash

Want to win $50? Give us the best caption for these three seriously psychedelic rockers and we’ll send you a check. It won’t bounce.

AMP: Vuvuzelas in the Morning

Anyone who’s watched any of the World Cup this year will feel this guy’s pain. There’s a new way to wake up, and it’s not from vuvuzelas.

Anatomy of a Hangover

Ever wonder exactly what’s going on when you’re hungover? Of course you have. So find out what’s going on when you’re under the weather.