Kid Hates Gentle Animals At The Zoo

This kid is the future of business in America. I can’t tell if he’s a genius or insane. Either way, he is really pissed at his mom and the other kids for “wasting his time!” He’s probably got people to fire and lives to destroy.

Hot Girl Shocked By Dog Collar

I used to do this to my friends all the time. A little shock of the dog collar never really hurts anyone. But none of them reacted like this. This is just ridiculous.

Captions For Cash

Do you have what it takes to make me laugh? Prove it by captioning this image and win fifty bucks.

Man Up! Best Links for Tuesday July 27

Remember those pictures of a whale jumping on a boat? Well now there’s video. We also have Grandpa Simpson teaching American history, Alesandra Ambrosio doing the whole St. Barts bikini thing yet again, animals stealing food and being adorable, and the funniest old school dating videos.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Inception

Check out this excellent trailer mashup of Inception and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Just in case you didn’t catch the glaring similarities between the two films.

Worst MMA Celebration Dance Ever

After a chaotic 30 seconds of overzealous punches and slips, the victor walks to the center of the ring to celebrate… and makes an idiot of himself.