Worst Wedding DJ Ever

Let’s just say that when the drum solo to Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” comes on, this guy earns his paycheck and more.

How NASA Should Spend $6 Billion

I hope NASA puts the President’s money to good use – although like a lot of things involving the President and hope, I’m not holding my breath.

Porky’s Movie Trailer

Following a bunch of high school kids through a period in their puberty, their lives mainly consist of watching the girls in the shower and making life a living hell for their teachers and for each other. The boys get thrown out of a stripclub called Porky’s and set their minds on revenge.Only by forgetting their internal differences can they defeat Porky and his gang.

Yacht Rock Finale

Long-running Web comedy series Yacht Rock has sailed into the sunset. Watch the final episode of the adventures of Hall, Oates, and all their soft-rock friends.

Elena Kagan And The Gay Agenda

A special spotlight on Obama’s new Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, and her most notable legal case so far, in which she opposed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.