Do these TV spots make you want to buy a new iPhone?

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Samsung’s not pulling any punches with their new Note 4 ads.

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Orangina is a citrus carbonated beverage that is highly popular in Europe. Check out their newest ad campaign, featuring humanoid animals in sexy situations.

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A German commercial for the Bayern Munich Football Club predicted with some dramaticism the trouncing Germany would give Brazil in today’s semi-final game.

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A new pro-abstinence ad by Poland’s Red Cross likens sexual promiscuity to adding a stranger on Facebook, with the end result being you get HIV. Reasonable?

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Ads celebrating the World Cup are already viral. Check out the best featuring Shakira, Ronaldo, & more! From McDonald’s to Nike to Activia, soccer is in!

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‘Hunger Games’ star Alexander Ludwig features in this hilarious commercial for the new app Tikr.

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In the wake of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus VR, one funny guy has created a fake commercial for Facebook’s Oculus Rift interface.

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Amy Poehler is starring in a series of funny Old Navy commercials and we’ve got them for you to check out right here. Enjoy!

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Sexy model Nina Agdal is the beach hottie in a new Carl’s Jr. commercial. Check out the sneak peek here.

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Samsung uses LeBron James to talk smack about the iPhone.

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Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile space jump will be featured during the Super Bowl this Sunday with a GoPro strapped on his helmet, first-person view.

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One Direction has a new commercial with Pepsi. Check it out.

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Summerland Water Park in Tokyo is apparently the place to be. Check out the craziest 16-second commercial ever, featuring bikinis and a surprise ending you need to see to believe.

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This sort of violent insanity could only come from Russia.

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Warning: An animal was dead during the making of this commercial.

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