Triumph Lets Loose on Chicago

Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle hot dog stand has a reputation for pooping on the idea of customer service with a smile. Naturally, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is going to fit right in with the less than hospitable staffers.

Conan Makes a Mockery of Abraham Lincoln

Conan tarnishes our nation’s 16th President when he visits the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and proceeds to mock everything he can. It’s 100% jackassery courtesy of Team Coco.

Conan Gets Called Out on The Dark Knight

Conan gets called out by one of his fans for a slip-up on the title of the new Batman movie. But as team Coco proves, the sensei is wiser than the pupil. Oh, and just a warning to our younger, comic book loving fans, this clip does contain man-on-man action.