Conan Makes a Mockery of Abraham Lincoln

Conan tarnishes our nation’s 16th President when he visits the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and proceeds to mock everything he can. It’s 100% jackassery courtesy of Team Coco.

Conan Gets Called Out on The Dark Knight

Conan gets called out by one of his fans for a slip-up on the title of the new Batman movie. But as team Coco proves, the sensei is wiser than the pupil. Oh, and just a warning to our younger, comic book loving fans, this clip does contain man-on-man action.

Ted Turner’s Birthday Wishes

Conan and his audience of bong zombies are going to have to learn that you can’t tarnish the good name of TBS and expect Ted Turner to come riding in with warm birthday wishes.

Conan Gets in on Halo 4

Conan O’Brien has squeezed his way into a small voice part in the upcoming Halo 4. Coco’s new to the world of Halo and isn’t exactly sure how he fits into the game, but most certainly plans to make Master Chief look like a complete jackass.

Conan’s 2012 Video Game Lineup

2011 was a monumental year in gaming, but Conan O’Brien is betting that 2012 is gonna be even bigger. Just you wait, come the holiday season everyone is gonna be clamoring to get their hands on All White NBA Live .

The Return of Ron Burgundy

BREAKING NEWS! San Diego’s Action 4 News team’s own Ron Burgundy stopped by Conan last night to show off some tasty flute chops as well as make a little announcement.

Will Ferrell’s Brother is Kind of a Crazy D-bag

Will Ferrell takes a moment to introduce Conan’s audience to his brother Terry who’s been living on the Warner Brothers lot. Unlike Will, Terry chose not to go into acting, but instead fill water guns with cat urine.

Conan’s St. Paddy’s Day Toast

Conan celebrated his heritage over the weekend by inviting some of his celebrity buddies over and serving up some “traditional” green beer. AkA, toilet water with food coloring.