What Movie Should I Watch This Weekend?

Remembering, Revising and Romanticizing the ’80s: This weekend brings the bloody mayhem of Fright Night, the sword-swinging chaos of Conan the Barbarian and the romantic hurlyburly of One Day. Which mess are you down to get dirty with?

Conan The Barbarian

You’ll have to wait until August to see the carnage, but Neo-Conan is on his way to a movie screen near you, pecs and biceps a blazing.

Remakes Nobody Wants To See

No one likes it when Hollywood tries to pass off an old classic as something new and exciting. Still, there are movies to be made, and drugs and Botox to purchase, and so the dreaded re-make will never truly go out of style.

Arnold’s Big Sword

Do you think visitors to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office in Sacramento get a little freaked out when they see that he has the sword from Conan The Barbarian on prominent display? The Governator posted a pic of it on his Twitter yesterday….