Connecticut is one of several states hit by Winter Storm Jonas. See the town-by-town snow totals for the 2016 blizzard here.

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A 45-year-old former teacher’s aide from Connecticut is accused of sexually assaulting a teen she has known since he was in preschool.

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Katie Brown, 45, is facing a police investigation after she posted a photo to Facebook of her dog with her muzzle taped. See the posts and photos of her here.

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Jennifer Connell has lost her lawsuit against her nephew over injuries she says he caused by jumping into her arms at his birthday party when he was 8.

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A UConn student was arrested Sunday night after he drunkenly berated and shoved a student union manager who wouldn’t let him have mac and cheese. The video went viral.

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A drunk UConn student ended up in handcuffs after he berated a Student Union manager who wouldn’t let him in to get bacon mac and cheese. See the video here.

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Lisa Infante was found dead in a home in Shelton, Connecticut, and police said her husband, Thomas Infante, has been charged with murder.

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A man who decided to strip naked and sit on top of his car on Interstate-95 in Connecticut created quite a traffic jam Tuesday morning. See video here.

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50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy after losing a $5 million judgment in a lawsuit related to a sex tape he posted online. In May, Forbes estimated his net worth at $150 million.

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Rebecca Arthur, a 17-year-old Connecticut girl, flew to Morocco without her parents knowledge to be with her boyfriend, Simo El Adala, whom she met on Facebook.

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LeRoya Moore is the mom of two East Haven, Connecticut, children found dead in their home. Gas was intentionally left on and Moore had injuries to her arms.

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An East Haven, Connecticut, mother was arrested Tuesday after police said she fatally shot her two children in their home.

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The shooting of Pastor Augustus Sealy, who helms an LGBT-friendly church, is being investigated as a possible hate crime after anti-gay slurs were made toward him before shots were fired.

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William Devin Howell has been identified as the accused serial killer believed to be responsible for the deaths of 7 women found in New Britain, Connecticut.

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One killer is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 7 women whose remains were found in the central Connecticut city of New Britain.

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Cassandra Fortin is the Connecticut 17-year-old girl who has cancer but doesn’t want chemotherapy. The state has taken her into custody, citing “medical neglect” by her mother.

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