Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has issued a statewide travel ban starting at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, March 14, ahead of a storm expected to bring more than a foot of snow.

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Oscar Hernandez, accused of murdering estranged wife, Nidia Gonzalez, sparking an Amber Alert in Connecticut, is a previously deported undocumented immigrant.

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Christopher Von Keyserling, a Connecticut Republican, was arrested for sexual assault and said he doesn’t have to be ‘politically correct’ any more.

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Three people were shot and two have died after a Meek Mill Concert at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford Connecticut. Meek Mill is a prominent rapper.

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The “surrogate” son of an elite jeweler to the stars is a suspect in the murder of Joseph Comunale, whose body was found in a shallow grave along the Jersey Shore.

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Feras Freitekh is the Jordanian national flight student who died after crashing a small plane in East Hartford, Connecticut. The crash was intentional, officials say.

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A Jordanian national student pilot may have intentionally crashed a small plane near Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut, the FBI says.

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Nathan Carman and his mother went missing after setting sail for a boating trip. Nathan returned safe while his mother is presumed dead. He was previously a murder suspect in his grandfather’s death. Read more on this developing story here.

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A balcony collapsed at an off-campus party at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. See photos.

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Willow Martin is accused of setting fire to a business owned by a rival stripper’s stepfather over a debt owed to her. See photos of Martin here.

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A 19-year-old Connecticut woman set fire to a business because a fellow stripper owed her money, police say. DNA on a potato stuffed in a tail pipe led police to her.

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Aimee Toms, a 22-year-old Connecticut woman, says she was harassed by a woman in a Walmart bathroom because she was mistaken as transgender.

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Robert Stackowitz, who was living under the name Robert Gordon in Sherman, Connecticut, was arrested Monday, 48 years after he escaped from a Georgia jail.

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Sean Taylor Morkys, a 20-year-old Connecticut college student and “professional dumbass,” is accused of threatening on Twitter to bomb a Donald Trump rally in Waterbury, police say.

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Jason Adams, a science teacher, was arrested after police say he brought a concealed gun to Newtown Middle School in Connecticut.

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Jack Montague, the former captain of Yale’s NCAA tournament-bound basketball team, was expelled after a female student accused him of sexually assaulting her.

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