Eric Braverman has resurfaced on Twitter, putting rumors that he was missing to rest. He has a new job with a Google executive.

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A strange UFO was caught on video for nine minutes in Chile. See videos and photos here, along with top explanations about what it was.

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During his interview with Sean Hannity, did Julian Assange hint that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks? See theories and video of what Assange said.

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Read the top theories and conspiracy theories currently circulating about who could be the source of the DDOS attacks.

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The death of Max Spiers, a well-known British UFO investigator and conspiracy theorist, has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories.

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Facebook has seen fake news stories trend repeatedly after firing its team of human editors. Here’s a roundup of the most damaging hoaxes so far.

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Dan Senor, an adviser to Paul Ryan, is at the center of a conspiracy theory alleging that he leaked the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” video.

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In a fact check about a last night’s debate, NBC is refuting Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton didn’t literally “acid wash” 33,000 emails, but used an app called “BleachBit.”

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CNN appears to have accidentally cut to an interview with an Ohio “focus group” too early as CNN anchor Pamela Brown prompts the interviewee to quote Hillary Clinton after last night’s debate.

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Conspiracy theories about Hurricane Matthew have run wild online.

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At a town hall hosted by actress Elizabeth Banks in Haverford, Pennsylvania yesterday, child actor Brennan Leach was selected to ask presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a question about Donald Trump.

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A conspiracy has been circulating about Hillary Clinton using green screens at rallies. Watch videos about the theory, and explanations to debunk it.

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A Redditor found a photo of a Berenstain Bears VHS labeled “Berenstein.” See the photos and theories here.

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John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law died in 1999. But their deaths are still at the center of conspiracy theories.

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5 police officers were killed and several others were injured last night at the hands of sniper Michael Xavier Johnson at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas. Conspiracy theories about government orchestrated “race wars” immediately began to circulate.

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A video alleging to show a Brexit vote counter erasing a vote and writing a new one in has gone viral. Paul Joseph Watson shared the video on YouTube.

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