Mango Mango, a mango preserve, entered the Shark Tank in Season 5. Heavy interviewed Lakesha Brown-Renfo, one of the founders, to see how they have done since the show aired.

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Bring a smile to your mother’s face with these Christmas gifts. We’ve complied a list with everything from beauty to inspirational to practical products.

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Watch these videos where celebrity chefs teach you how to cook the best turkey.

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Here is a simple and tasty recipe for classic bread stuffing for your Thanksgiving turkey using only a few ingredients.

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Here’s a simple recipe on how to brine your turkey for 5-6 hours.

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Here’s a simple recipe to make fresh cranberry sauce using just water, sugar and a bag of fresh cranberries.

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Check out the best last minute ideas for your 2014 Thanksgiving dinner, from decorations to easy turkey recipes, to quick ideas for side dishes and desserts.

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Follow these simple instructions to make the best gravy to compliment your turkey on Thanksgiving.

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The best and most efficient way to check if your turkey is cooked is to use a meat thermometer. Here are instructions on how to make sure your turkey is ready.

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Magic Cook, a bottle and box that keep food hot or cold, enter the Shark Tank on November 21. Heavy interviewed Sharon Yu about her company.

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So who won the finale on Top Chef Duels tonight? The winner was …

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Check out the Top 5 best recipes for your 2014 Rosh Hashanah dinner right here. From chicken dishes to dessert …

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Anthony Bourdain was nominated for a 2014 Emmy Award for hosting The Taste. Here are some pictures of the celebrity chef.

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Lindsay Price is married to Top Chef Duels host Curtis Stone. The 37-year-old is expecting her second child with the celebrity chef.

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Tonight is the season 9 premiere of Restaurant Impossible. Check out all the facts on star Robert Irvine.

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Tonight is the premiere of new cooking competition Food Fighters with host Adam Richman. Check out the contestants and the show run-down right here.

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