Bryce Masters is the Independence, Missouri, teen who is in critical condition after being tasered by cops on September 14.

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Christopher Chase stole a cruiser and led Albuquerque cops on a wild chase before dying in a hail of gunfire at a gas station. And it was caught on camera.

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Back in December, a Dallas Policewoman shot an unarmed carjacking suspect without cause. She’s been stripped of her badge, and faces a lawsuit from the victim.

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Peter Burns was operating his Facebook account under the pseudonym “coon hunter.”

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The cop, Stafford Bilster, will face no charges in the case.

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Tyler Comstock, 19, was shot dead by cops in Ames, Iowa. Comstock had taken his dad’s pickup truck for a joyride.

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Singer Kat Dahlia was arrested in Miami Beach this morning for driving while intoxicated, but reports say she initially refused and cursed out the officers.

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Smart phones have become prevalent in our law enforcement community. It was only a matter of time before some narcissistic officers took advantage of them.

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New Jersey police officer Joseph Walker shot and killed Joseph Harvey Jr in an act of road rage. He is being charged with second degree murder and manslaughter

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Yesterday the New York State Senate passed Bill S.2402. If it makes it through the State Assembly it will be a felony to “harass” or “annoy” police officers in the state of New York.

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