New York state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son were arrested on Monday as part of a corruption probe that has rocked Albany.

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New York Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son, Adam,were arrested on Monday morning on federal corruption charges.

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New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat, will reportedly be indicted on federal corruption charges alleging he accepted gifts in return for political favors.

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Salomon Melgen is the Miami doctor at the center of the FBI’s investigation into Senator Robert Menendez, who will reportedly be indicted on corruption charges.

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Randy Quaid posted a video on YouTube of him calling out News Corp billionaire Rupert Murdoch and Warner Brothers Entertainment for “Police Media Corrupt.”

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Sheldon Silver, the influential speaker of the New York State Assembly, was arrested on Thursday over corruption claims relating to real estate taxes.

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Court of Appeals Judge Nora Longoria of Hidalgo County, Texas was arrested for a DUI in July. The District Attorney claimed it lacked evidence to prosecute.

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Canadian Mayors sure know how to get arrested. Michael Applebaum was arrested by the anti-corruption squad.

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A foreign ambassador, Hillary Clinton’s security detail and more government employees have benefited from widespread State Department cover ups.

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Officers from Quebec’s anti-corruption squad raided nine locations, including Montreal’s city hall, and held Mayor Michael Applebaum for questioning.

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The city of Reggio Calabria on Italy’s southern coast is the first major city to face such action to date.

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