Derek Cruice was fatally shot by a Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy at a home in Deltona, Florida. Cruice, 26, was shot in the face during a drug raid.

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A bio-nuclear engineering student has been has been accused of rape and claims he was re-enacting a scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

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A parking lot fight turns into a hit-and-run, attempted murder when a driver backs up and over a man. The man grabs onto the car and goes for a ride.

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Cops responded to a stabbing at a private Christian school in East Texas that is home to Hitler’s silverware.

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Brady Becker is the St. Charles football player in Louisiana who was shown in a YouTube being beaten by an undercover cop in the Jefferson Parish.

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Thaddeus Murphy has been arrested in connection with the NAACP HQ bombing in Colorado Springs in November.

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Porn star Tory Lane was arrested on a Delta flight after allegedly being drunk and fighting air hostesses and the cops who came to apprehend her.

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Three Florida teenagers are charged with the attempted murder of a fellow teen with a crowbar after accusing him of stealing their weed.

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Erich Milton Nowsch Jr., 19, has been charged with the murder of Tammy Meyers, who was shot in the head in a road age incident on February 12.

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The shooting of a mother-of-four in Las Vegas has resulted in the arrest of a boy she mentored for years. That boy, later became a weed smoking gang member.

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De’Von Pickett is Nicki Minaj’s road and tour manager who was stabbed and killed in Philadelphia on February 17.

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Afroman has been arrested after punching a female fan who got on stage in the middle of a concert. Watch the shocking video.

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Nicholas Brendon, one of the stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has been arrested on charges of grand theft from a Hilton hotel in Four Lauderdale.

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Police have shot and killed a man at the Salter School in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

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Part of the Japanese coast is under a tsunami advisory after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the the coast, prompting the evacuation of 10,000 people.

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Police in Canada have foiled a plot by a man and a woman to carry out a Valentine’s Day massacre in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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