Mark Vaughan is being hailed as a hero after he shot Alton Nolen. Nolen is alleged to have beheaded one of Vaughan’s employees.

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Alton Nolen has been named as the suspect in the Moore, Oklahoma, beheading at Vaughan Foods. The woman killed was Colleen Hufford.

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Matthew was arrested just 24 hours after charges of abduction were filed against him. Matthew is the main suspect in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

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He’s the brother of “The Situation,” and now the two are facing indictment relating to a $8.9 million tax crime.

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Jesse Matthew has been charged with abduction and intention to defile relating to the kidnapping of missing Hannah Graham.

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Two people have been killed in the attack, the mall has been evacuated.

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Joe Tesney is the man who shot and killed two workers at a UPS Customer Care building in Birmingham, Alabama, according to police. Tesney committed suicide after the attack.

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A student is seriously injured after the attack.

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Three people are dead, all were employees of the facility.

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