Alecia Dotson, a 45-year-old paraprofessional at a Lakeland, Florida, school has been accused of attempting to sexually assault an 11-year-old student.

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Eric Casebolt has resigned from the McKinney, Texas, police department after a video showed him violently arresting a girl and pointing his gun at other teens.

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The FBI seized computers from the Chicago home of Emilio Herrera in the investigation into the leak of nude photos of celebrities known as “The Fappening.”

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Brandon Brooks, 15, has been called a “hero” for recording Corporal Eric Casebolt during the McKinney, Texas, pool party incident and posting the video online.

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Eric Casebolt, the officer under investigation for the McKinney, Texas, pool party incident, was sued for racial bias and sexual assault by a man he arrested.

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Dajerria Becton, the 15-year-old Texas girl who was violently arrested by Eric Casebolt in an incident recorded on video, is speaking out about what happened.

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Corporal Eric Casebolt has been suspended by the McKinney, Texas, police department during an investigation into his actions during a pool party incident.

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Eric Casebolt is the McKinney, Texas, cop who has resigned after a video raised questions about his conduct while arresting black teens at a pool party.

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A local musician in Wichita has been accused of murder a celebrity chef who identified as his girlfriend.

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Tanya Tandoc, a inspirational celebrity chef in Kansas, was killed by blunt force trauma at her home in Wichita on the night of June 4.

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A Kansas-based celebrity chef was killed inside her home in Wichita.

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A Connecticut man called 911 during a standoff with an angry pet after his cat attacked him and his wife at his Stamford home. Listen to the call here.

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A man was wounded in a shooting at an Atlanta MARTA station, but police say it was not an officer-involved shooting, despite reports from witnesses.

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Ronald McNeil, 39, is accused of shooting 19-year-old Texas college student Lacie LaRose after an argument over a game of beer pong at a graduation party.

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A 12-year-old boy was found stabbed to death in a Toronto hotel. Now police have a suspect in custody.

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The race-car-driving assistant to slain CEO Savvas Savopoulos, who delivered $40,000 to the Savopoulos home just before the family was murdered, is facing police scrutiny amid inconsistencies in his story.

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