In 2015, Gabriel Campos-Martinez was convicted of the murder of Hervey Medellin and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

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Fights, arrests and other incidents have been reported at polling places around the country. Read about the Election Day chaos here.

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Police say Melanie Liverpool-Turner, 30, pushed a woman to her death at Times Square subway station on Monday afternoon.

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Tonight, ‘People Magazine Investigates’ will examine the death of Shannon Gilbert, and how the search in her disappearance led to the discovery of at least ten more dead bodies.

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A 25-year-old Indiana man was fatally shot by an off-duty Chicago police officer during a road rage incident involving a funeral procession he was in.

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Initial reports indicate that “multiple people” has been stabbed at the school.

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A 45-year-old realtor and sex offender is in police custody as authorities believe they are looking at a serial killer case following a gruesome discovery.

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Kala Brown, a South Carolina woman who went missing in August, was found on the property of Todd Kohlhepp. Her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, remains missing.

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Christian Clark is accused of killing her young son, and sending videos before, during and after the murder. Authorities said she also attempted to kill her daughter after getting upset because she believed the children’s father was cheating on her. Read more on this breaking story here.

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After a missing woman was found “chained like a dog” on the property of a registered sex offender, police in South Carolina believe they have found a serial killer.

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A man has been accused of randomly killing a high school student and stabbing another in Canada.

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Des Moines police officer Anthony “Tony” Beminio was one of two officers killed in ambush-style attacks in Iowa Wednesday morning.

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Urbandale Police officer Justin Martin was one of the two police officers killed in an ambush in Iowa early Wednesday morning.

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Scott Michael Greene, 46, has been identified as the suspect in the ambush-style killings of two police officers in Iowa.

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Two Iowa police officers, one from Des Moines and another from Urbandale, were killed in ambush attacks early Wednesday morning. No suspect has been caught.

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A New York Mets star and frontman for an anti-domestic violence campaign has been accused of domestic violence.

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