Find out who was eliminated in the grand finale in La Voz Kids 2015. Who’s the winner? Team Natalia, Team Yankee or Team Pedro?

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The Final phase is around the corner. Find out who continues in with Team Yankee, Team Natalia, and Team Pedro.

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We have the complete list of Premios Juventud 2015 nominees. Read on and find out if your favorite actor, singer or athlete is nominated.

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The second Battle Round on “La Voz Kids,” eliminated 12 young voices from the competition. Read on to find out who left and who stayed for next phase.

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Who was eliminated on La Voz Kids? Who stayed in the competition? Read on for details and find out.

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On last night’s episode of La Voz Kids, coaches Pedro Fernandez, Natalia Jimenez, and Daddy Yankee battled once again to finish building their teams of 18 young talented contestants.

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