2012 Dakar Stage 14 Highlights

Stage 14, the final Stage of the Dakar, brought the racers from Pisco to finally rest and celebrate in Lima. Time became much less important in the shadow of the pleasure of actually finishing the grueling 15 day race. The challenge has finally come to an end but it is an experience every rider and crew member will carry with them for a lifetime.

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2012 Dakar Stage 13 Highlights

Nearing the end of this grueling endurance test of a race, Stage 13 went from Nasca to Pisco. Leading riders through strings of sand dunes and a series of confusing valleys, promising to send unwary competitors long off course, this stage refused to offer any relief for the weary.

2012 Dakar Stage 12 Highlights

Continuing along the coast, Stage 12 of the Dakar ran from Arequipa to Nasca, a course littered with long expanses of dunes, adjacent to the mysterious Nazca Lines, motifs created in the ground more than 2,000 years ago.

Marc Coma’s Road to the 2012 Dakar

Three time Dakar champion Marc Coma knows what it takes to win. In this clip he gives insight into his preparations for this year’s competition and how he hopes to make that four time champ.

2012 Dakar Stage 11 Highlights

The Dakar Stage 11, running Arica to Arequipa was something a bit different. Pushing the idea of camaraderie, the camp for bikes and quads did not allow any of the assistance vehicles, forcing them to rely on the help of their fellow riders they’ve been competing against all this time.

2012 Dakar Stage 10 Highlights

The 10th Stage of the Dakar took the racers along the Pacific coast from Iquique to Arica. Though treating the contenders to amazing views of dunes blending to waves, this wasn’t a course to take lightly. The soft, sinking turf was a reminder of the reality of long-distance rally.

2012 Dakar Stage 9 Highlights

Consisting of two-parts, Stage 9 of the Dakar runs across the varied landscapes stretching from Antofagasta to the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Iquique. Limited landmarks will make this a true test of each team’s navigational skills.

2012 Dakar Stage 8 Highlights

Stage 8 of the Dakar is a rocky stretch from Copiapó to Antofagasta, marking the longest of the competition. The relatively easy road conditions will make for an intense pace rather than a race of finesse.

2012 Dakar Stage 7 Highlights

With Stage 6 canceled due to weather, the Dakar picked up with Stage 7 Saturday taking racers on a loop through Copiapó. This is a draining route, littered with dunes and some of the driest conditions in the race.

2012 Dakar Stage 5 Highlights

The Dakar Stage 5 stretched from Chilecito to Fiambala. The route is notoriously hazardous for the motorcyclists, boasting many treacherous sections of sand dunes. In years past, this trek has claimed the dreams of many riders. Let’s see how they fared yesterday.

2012 Dakar Stage 4 Highlights

Yesterday’s Dakar stage took the competitors across a treacherous route from San Juan to Chilecito. Catch up on the muddy action with these highlights.