Nina Pham, the Dallas, Texas nurse diagnosed with Ebola, departed Texas for the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center in Maryland. Here is her message.

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frontier airlines flight 1143

Frontier Airlines 1143 is the airplane that confirmed Ebola case Amber Joy Vinson was on on Tuesday, October 14. It went from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, Texas.

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ebola, rick perry, texas, dallas

Yesterday, Texas Governor Rick Perry made an announcement about Thomas Eric Duncan & the Ebola outbreak in Dallas. Somebody then added “The Walking Dead” theme.

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Dallas, Dallas Finale, Dallas Season 3 Finale, Dallas Spoilers, Dallas Death, Ewing Dies On Dallas

On the season 3 finale of Dallas, a Ewing dies … Who’s death happens at the end of the action-packed season? A car bomb claims the life of Christopher.

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Josh Henderson, Dallas Season 3, Dallas Finale Spoilers, Dallas Season 3 Finale Spoilers, Dallas Episode, Ewing Dies, Dallas Death

There’s a big death on season 3’s Dallas finale & we’re wondering which Ewing dies. Check out all the spoilers we could find & the scoop from Josh Henderson.

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Dallas TV Show, Dallas Cast 2014, Dallas Premiere, Dallas Spoilers, Dallas Season 3, Dallas Season 3 Spoilers, Dallas Season 3 Episodes

Tonight is the second half of season 3 premiere of TNT’s Dallas. Check out all the spoilers, cast info, episode clips, and even some season 4 details here.

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Richard Durret, a reporter for, died Tuesday at the age of 38. Prior to joining ESPNDallas in 2009, he wrote for The Dallas Morning News.

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Argentinian actor Juan Pablo Di Pace joined the cast of Dallas” this season as billionaire Nicolas Trevino.

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Season 3 of ‘Dallas’ is here and we’ve got all the spoilers possible for you to check out from the entire season. Enjoy!

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