On the season 3 finale of Dallas, a Ewing dies … Who’s death happens at the end of the action-packed season? A car bomb claims the life of Christopher.

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There’s a big death on season 3’s Dallas finale & we’re wondering which Ewing dies. Check out all the spoilers we could find & the scoop from Josh Henderson.

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Tonight is the second half of season 3 premiere of TNT’s Dallas. Check out all the spoilers, cast info, episode clips, and even some season 4 details here.

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Richard Durret, a reporter for ESPNDallas.com, died Tuesday at the age of 38. Prior to joining ESPNDallas in 2009, he wrote for The Dallas Morning News.

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Argentinian actor Juan Pablo Di Pace joined the cast of Dallas” this season as billionaire Nicolas Trevino.

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Season 3 of ‘Dallas’ is here and we’ve got all the spoilers possible for you to check out from the entire season. Enjoy!

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