Dance Fortress 2

Check this hilarious video where Valve’s Team Fortress 2 characters get their dance on.

Beer Box Rude Boy

He has a Bud Light box on his head and he’s dancing to “Rude Boy” by Rihanna. Everything else is irrelevant.

Crazy Indian Pole Dancing

I’m not sure if this video of Indian dudes in superhero underwear doing insane dance moves on a pole is funny or amazing or both. I’m gonna go with both.

Australian Man Goes Bananas For Daft Punk

I’m not sure what “Electric Daisy Carnival” is, but if it gets auditions like this I want it on my television all day long. Peep Australian dancelord Nigel’s funktastic moves.

The Coachella Strut

Eric Wareheim debuts his new dance craze at hipster music festival Coachella. Hipsters are unimpressed.

Most Inappropriate Dance Move Ever

OK, I know it’s fun to get freaky on the dance floor, but this guy is just one step beyond. I don’t care how horny you are, when you get your tongue involved it is not cool and might even be against the law, not to mention unsanitary. Watch this horrible video…