Raychel Diane Weiner plays the driven and wealthy Daphne on Starz new limited series, “Flesh and Bone.” Learn more about her here and watch the season available now on Starz.

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The new Starz limited series, Flesh and Bone, airs its eight episodes this Sunday, November 8 at 8 p.m E.T. Take a look inside the dark side of the ballet world.

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A one-year-old baby girl received a musical birthday card for her birthday and she loves to dance to it. But watch what happens when she drops the card.

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Krewski and his roommate had a Halloween party. While the roomie was cleaning the floors in the morning, he put on Morning Train by Sheena Easton and danced.

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Are you ready for 5-minutes of Christopher Walken dancing?

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The Ying Yang twins dedicated a song to Miley’s behind after noticing her mention of their lyrics on her twitter page and after her latest twerking craze.

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This must be what it’s like to compete against Mitt Romney.

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