Who would’ve guessed that Frank was such a foreign film buff?

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As we prepare for another Academy Awards ceremony (and one in which a black-and-white silent movie might win Best Picture for the first time in decades), take a look back at some Oscar winners of yesteryear. We would like to thank the Academy‚ and Netflix for the instant streaming.

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Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner blow their marriage to smithereens in Danny DeVito’s darkest of dark comedies, now available on Netflix Instant.

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Funny can mean murder in these really, really dark comedies, now available for uncomfortable laughing fits on Netflix Instant.

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What happened to Jimmy Hoffa? Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and David Mamet have a few theories about the infamous Teamster boss in this gritty biopic now available on Netflix Instant.

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Call us crazy, but Christmastime seems like the perfect time to watch some Christmas movies. Here are a few holly jolly (and some not so holly jolly) holiday flicks available on Netflix Instant that should fill your stocking nicely, no matter what kind of silent night you’re having.

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This week produces a promising bounty for our DVD and Blu-Ray players.

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This is a piece of the Berlin Wall tied to Danny DeVito’s foot. I really didn’t think he would top that ridiculous shirtless picture posted on his Twitter, but by God he seems to have done it. Congratulations and well played to Mr. DeVito. Danny DeVito…

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