David Hasselhoff performed a medley of songs from the 1980s on American Idol on Wednesday night. Enough said.

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Here’s the hilarious “Ted 2” movie trailer shown during the 2015 Super Bowl.

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The Hoff is rooting for Germany in a big way.

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She’s going to be bouncing back to big screens everywhere soon!

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Get ready for CBS’ Last Resort by boning up on your facts about Autumn Reeser.

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Little fish with big teeth try to upstage rampant boob jobs in John Gulager’s often amusing and occasionally brilliant B-movie parody.

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Duh. duh-duh! Duh-duh, duh! Yeah, you know the theme song to The A-Team when you read it, right? Jump into our cool black van and go back to a time when television was totally ’80s — and totally awesome.

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