Dead Island In Real Life

Where to begin? More likable characters, better health pick-ups (Four Loko for the win) and better graphics .Okay, it’s real life and maybe not a fair comparison.

This Week In Gaming News

Time once again to check in on our new feature and see what you missed this past week in video game related news.

Dead Island’s Co-Op Game Trailer

The latest clip has everything that one has come to expect: a tropical locale, zombies in swimwear and (not quite as much) sappy piano music. Also, best buds!

Dead Island Game Trailer 2

The first Dead Island trailer was pretty moving for a video game and the second trailer is no less melodramatic. Still, it should be pretty fun to blow away zombies in a tropical paradise when the game drops in August.

Dead Island Game Trailer

I’ve never seen a game trailer that was actually kind of emotional, but this is probably the most engaging game trailer you’ll see all year. Needless to say, zombies can ruin a vacation like no other.