Mary Jo Eustace is Dean McDermott’s ex-wife, whose written about her bitter divorce from him when he cheated with Tori Spelling. Now she’s on “True Tori.”

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Emily Goodhand is the mistress of Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s cheating husband. Read on for the facts on the affair, reality show True Tori and more.

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Read on for the facts on Tori Spelling, her reality show “True Tori,” her relationship with husband Dean McDermott after his cheating, her kids and her net worth.

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Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott have been going through a very rough time and their new docu-series airs tonight. Read on for the full story.

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Dean McDermott is headed to rehab and has released a statement about all the cheating rumors in the media. Read on for details.

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According to Emily Goodhand, Dean McDermott has cheated on his wife Tori Spelling. Read on for the facts …

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Tori Spelling revealed in her new book “Spelling It Like It Is” that she has a sex tape with husband Dean McDermott. Now Vivid Entertainment’s made an offer …

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Tori Spelling has been forced to face her financial issues as her business manager vetoes her husband Dean McDermott’s desired vasectomy. Read on for details.

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