Jimmy Ruffin, the Motown singer most famous for his hit “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?,” has died at the age of 78.

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MTV The Challenge star Diem Brown has died. While some say she lost her battle with cancer, her cast members remember the hero, the winner, and the victor.

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Nolan Burch died after drinking heavily at a Kappa Sigma frat party off campus at West Virginia University.

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Diem Brown has died after battling cancer for many years. Read on for the details on the heroic woman’s battle, her time on MTV and her love for CT Tamburello.

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Diem Brown has died after losing her battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 32. Here are the pictures that celebrate her wonderful life and career.

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Czech supermodel Katerina Netolicka was found dead in the bathtub of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, a pro hockey player.

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The voice of Mrs. Wolowitz from CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Carol Ann Susi, died at 62 from her battle with cancer.

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Big Bank Hank, aka Henry Jackson, has died at the age of 57 after suffering from cancer. He was a founding member of The Sugarhill Gang.

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Sean Petrozzino committed suicide in Memphis. The quadruple amputee was a person of interest in the murder of his parents Nancy and Michael in Orlando.

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New reports are that Robin Williams’ death was caused by a disease called Lewy Body Dementia, which may have resulted in hallucinations that caused his suicide.

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Brian McClellen died after being electrocuted while surfing a Metro North train from Connecticut to New York City. Here are the photos to remember a young actor cut down in the prime of his life.

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One of the most renowned Christian preachers was killed along with his wife, daughter and six others after their lear jet crashed mysteriously in the Bahamas.

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Tom Magliozzi, the host of NPR’s Car Talk with his brother, Ray, has died at the age of 77. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Josh Flagg of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is still grieving the death of his grandmother Edith. Read on for the facts on Edith and her loving grandson.

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Senzo Meyiwa, a soccer goalkeeper for South Africa and the Orlando Pirates, has been shot dead after someone tried to rob his phone. He had just been named captain of the South African national team.

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Christophe de Margerie, the chief executive officer of a large French Oil company, died after his plane collided with a snowplow on the airport’s runway.

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