Carl Darenberg, an icon of Long Island, has been found dead, floating Montauk harbor.

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alicia cipicchio, burning man death, shagadelica

Alicia Louise Cipicchio is the Wyoming woman killed at Burning Man 2014, struck by a fur-covered party bus dubbed “Shagadelica.”

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Kelly Hackendahl Dead

Kelly Hackendahl was found dead inside the Zeta Tau Alpha soririty house on the Indiana University campus on August 28.

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Kelly Hackendahl Suicide

Kelly Hackendahl is the female college student was found dead inside a sorority house just days before she began her senior year.

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Scott Rogers Murder

Matthew Hodgkinson is the son-in-law of The Around Town Show host Scott Rogers. He’s believed to have killed Rogers. It’s also reported that two were lovers.

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Aharon Sofer Missing

The missing New Jersey student was found dead in a Jerusalem neighborhood.

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fort lee shooting, fort lee active shooter

Sgt. 1st Class Paula Walker has been named as the solider who committed suicide by shooting herself at the Fort Lee army base in Virginia.

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Who Dies On Pretty Little Liars Finale, PLL Finale, Pretty Little Liars Finale, Pretty Little Liars Spoiler, Pretty Little Liars Death

So, who dies on the finale of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight in a heartbreaking death scene? Watch it all go down right here.

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Robin Williams will have his own In Memoriam tribute at the 2014 Emmys & longtime friend Billy Crystal will present it. Have a look at their best pics together.

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Robin Williams Tribute, Robin Williams Emmys 2014, Robin Williams Emmy Awards 2014, Billy Crystal And Robin Williams, Robin Williams Billy Crystal Tribute

Billy Crystal will pay tribute to friend Robin Williams with the help of Sara Bareilles at the 2014 Emmy Awards. Read on for the details on the Emmys segment.

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robin williams, inside the actors studio

Watch the full episode of Robin Williams on Inside The Actors Studio as a tribute to the memory of the funniest man who ever lived.

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robin williams press conference, robin williams knife, robin williams belt, robin williams dead, robin williams autopsy, robin williams cause of death, robin williams suicide, celebrity autopsy

Robin Williams was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the San Francisco Bay for his funeral. Read on for the details.

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