Sheen’s girlfriend speaks out against Sheen’s ex, Denise Richards, in a Twitter letter.

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Denise Richards may be involved in a custody battle right now, but let’s not forget how ridiculously hot she is … Check out these photos, past and present …

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The custody issues of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen’s children have added another person to the party. Read on for details.

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Denise Richards is Drop Dead Gorgeous…

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Pierce Brosnan’s daughter Charlotte has died of cancer and left behind a loving family. Take a look at Hollywood’s response as well as the life Charlotte had.

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Why isn’t Charile Sheen taking responsibility?

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Things started to get a bit silly in Pierce Brosnan’s third go-round as James Bond, which features Denise Richards as one of the worst-ever Bond Girls.

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Matt Damon, a haunted hotel, the threat of nuclear war, lusty Roman battles and Chris Kattan getting eaten by a shark are some of the delights you’ll find in the new releases on Netflix Instant this week.

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It’s Halloween, and what goes better with absolutely ball-scaring terror than hot babes? Yes, horror and horniness make strange bedfellows, but some brave souls have dared to bridge the gap and mix the two. In this feature, I’ll spotlight the ten horror films that also made me randy. Let’s get it on!…

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