Derek Jeter played his last All-Star game on July 15. Here are the best tweets from fans.

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morales all star game

Josemy Morales is raising the flag at the All-Star Game. The Army veteran did three tours in Afghanistan.

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It’s Derek Jeter’s last season with the New York Yankees! Celebrate the all-star shortstop’s Major League Baseball career with the best memes around! Re2pect!

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jeter mom, derek jeter mother

As Derek Jeter is honored at his last All-Star Game on July 15, let’s celebrate the woman behind the Yankees shortstop, his mother, Dorothy Jeter.

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jeter dad, charles jeter

Derek Jeter’s father, Dr. Charles Jeter, is the Yankees legend’s biggest fan. The retired drug counselor was also a shortstop in his time.

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derek jeter, derek jeter girlfriend, all star game

Now that Derek Jeter is retiring, he’ll have more time to spend with his girlfriend, 23-year-old Hannah Davis. Here are some of her best pictures.

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Hannah Davis just posed in white T-shirts for GQ. The 23-year-old has a blossoming modeling career and love life.

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The Yankees say Jeter is expected to be healed and ready for spring training in February.

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Baseball fans are all up in arms because Derek Jeter, the iconic shortstop for the New York Yankees, claimed to be hit by a pitch that replays showed never touched him.

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Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell team up in The Other Guys, a hilarious buddy cop spoof. Read our review.

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