Whether you’re shopping for a playful kid, or an older boy on the cusp on manhood, there’s something on this list that will fill him with Christmas glee.

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A perfectly preserved, 10,000-year-old baby woolly rhinoceros has been discovered in the permafrost tundra of the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia.

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Check out what happens when a YouTuber inserts his dog Wally into the famous “Jurassic Park” scene where the team sees a live brachiosaurus for the first time.

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Smithsonian scientists have announced the discovery of bird-like dinosaur they called the “chicken from hell.” Here are the photos of Anzu Wyliei.

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Universal Pictures has revealed “Jurassic World,” a new installment to the Jurassic Park series, set to release on June 12, 2015.

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The cast for Disney and Pixar’s new film “The Good Dinosaurs” has finally been announced and it features some epic celebrity voices you wouldn’t suspect!

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We can all stop hoping for a pet T-Rex. It’s just not happening.

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This dinosaur is like the Mike Tyson of dinosaurs. Scary until it opens it mouth.

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“Science” has now discovered that dinosaurs died not because of some meteor hitting Earth, but because of their fabulous homosexual lifestyle.

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Dinosaurs are gone but we don’t really know how. Here are the 7 most depressing theories on dinosaur extinction that you’ll ever hear.

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What really killed off the dinosaurs? Maybe it was lasers, spiked balls, and a wheel of misfortune.

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