Pearl Mackie will be the new Companion to Doctor Who. Here’s what you need to know.

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The Doctor is back in this year’s Christmas special and, maybe more importantly, so is River Song. We’ve got spoilers, sweetie.

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Trying to find Christmas gifts for a Doctor Who fan? Here are 10 great gifts for men and women who love this BBC sci-fi series.

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She plays a Stark on Game of Thrones, but now Maisie Williams is trading in her sword for a trip in the TARDIS.

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They regularly save time and space on TV together, but what are the stars of Doctor Who like when the cameras aren’t rolling?

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Her time as Clara Oswald may almost be over, but the long-time Doctor Who is much more than her experiences in the TARDIS.

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Check out all the latest spoilers and a brand-new clip from Saturday night’s episode of Doctor Who.

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It’s finally happening Whovians. It’s been announced. Officially. Here’s how long you’ve got to Clara leaves the TARDIS.

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Before you get back in the TARDIS with the Doctor and Clara on Saturday night, check out the brand-new prologue scene for season nine.

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The Doctor is back. Get ready for a brand-new set of adventures across time and space with the latest spoilers for season nine.

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If you’re not “hip” to the culture, getting Christmas gift ideas can be a real drag. But, lucky for you that we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your favorite geek.

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Love a good strategy game? These are the best Android strategy games people are playing in May of 2014.

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Geeks rejoice as esteemed actress Hawes is announced to play Ms. Delphox, a villain banker.

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The 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor” was eleventh Doctor Matt Smith’s finale episode. Here are the best moments form the episode.

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One Direction drops in on Doctor Who for the 50th Anniversary episode on their 1DDay live stream.

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We reveal the most important highlights from the much-anticipated Doctor Who anniversary episode.

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