Love a good strategy game? These are the best Android strategy games people are playing in May of 2014.

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Geeks rejoice as esteemed actress Hawes is announced to play Ms. Delphox, a villain banker.

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The 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor” was eleventh Doctor Matt Smith’s finale episode. Here are the best moments form the episode.

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One Direction drops in on Doctor Who for the 50th Anniversary episode on their 1DDay live stream.

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We reveal the most important highlights from the much-anticipated Doctor Who anniversary episode.

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It’s 1D Day and we’ve got photos from the set, livestream video, behind-the-scenes, celebrity guests, performance pics, and more, which we’ll be updating live.

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The premiere is being screened simultaneously in theaters and on television networks across the globe.

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The countdown has begun. Here is what to expect from “The Day of the Doctor.”

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All of your favorite characters are back for the first “Day of the Doctor” trailer.

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The trailer for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode is here.

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