It’s National Dog Day, so celebrate man’s best friend with these cute photos of adorable pups! From old dogs to runt puppies, our four-legged friends rock.

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Even man’s best friend should be buckling up.

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Lisa Abeyta’s father has barely any communication skills left due to severe dementia, but the family’s pet dog helps trigger speech.

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A boy in Mexico got exactly what he deserves after he was taped teasing a chained up dog.

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“Luckily nobody got that on camera, right?” asked the dog.

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Men should take a cue from these four pooches.

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Dogs being dogs ruin things.

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Probably the best thing you’ll see today.

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Fern’s a real b*tch.

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Whoa. Can we see that again in slomo?

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Silver was a little hesitant when his owner brought out the head massager.

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There’s nothing better than a guard dog or a guard cat that takes to a child.

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