Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey is nominated as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for the 2014 Emmys. Have a look at her best photos over the years.

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A recent promo photo released by the BBC for their historical drama shows characters Lord Grantham and Edith with a modern plastic water bottle behind them.

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Shirley MacLaine will be guest starring on Glee as a socialite with an affection for Blaine. The 80-year-old is taking over the show’s Twitter page while the show airs tonight.

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Tatiana Maslany has the leading role on Orphan Black. She’s winning praise for her intricate portrayal on the BBC show, and is definitely a name to watch.

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‘Downton Abbey’ has released its trailer for Season 4. It’s intriguing and stirs thoughts of new love as well as heartbreak. Check it out here.

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Not quite in time for Christmas.

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Is Simon Cowell moving to period dramas?

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