Here’s all the game trailers and big news announcements straight from EA’s Gamescom 2014 press conference!

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Gamescom EA

Electronic Arts are set to show the gaming world some of the newest developments regarding their latest projects. Check out EA’s livestream of their Gamescom 2014 press conference right here!

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Dragon Age Inquisition

Here’s all of the highlights that happened during EA’s E3 2014 press conference.

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Crackdown Xbox One

Check out all the newly revealed trailers that were shown off during the Xbox E3 2014 livestream!

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Xbox E3 2014

Here’s all the exciting events that transpired during Microsoft’s Xbox briefing at E3 2014!

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E3 2014

Will all these wild rumors all come to fruition at E3 2014?

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Battlefield Hardline

Here’s some more incredible games that you’ll want to play in 2014!

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Tune in here for live coverage of EA’s Gamescom 2013 live stream event.

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There’s a lot of rumors surrounding E3 2013…

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For you Dragon Age fans out there, of course this is going to be a big deal. For the rest of you, probably not so much. As goofy as it is, it should satisfy your magical wizard fix.

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There’s a reason why BioWare’s dialogue gets so much acclaim. It does a great job covering up what an idiot you’d normally sound like.

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Come on BioWare, this is starting to get ridiculous. Surely one of you guys must have a girlfriend or wife or something. Also, sorta spoiler-ish, so be warned.

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