Budweiser is known for its beer, but its stance against drunk driving is well-known, too. Check out its newest ad against it featuring a man and his dog.

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The Caipirinha is the Brazilian national cocktail. Here’s how to make it for your World Cup party.

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Many people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo are unaware of the holiday’s fascinating history. Learn everything you need to know right here.

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Here are all of the ingredients and recipes you need to to make the perfect Kentucky Derby whiskey cocktail.

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The government has approved “Palcohol,” the powdered alcohol that will be sold in little packets. Here is what you need to know.

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Celebrate the series finale of How I Met Your Mother in style with these fitting drinking games.

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Neknominate or neknomination is a drinking game from the UK that has reportedly killed 5 young men.

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Whether you’re home from college or visiting family, everyone can enjoy these drinking games.

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Finish that beer! YOU CAN DO IT!

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If you’re going to be a drunk on the go, you might as well at least try to class it up with some style, right?

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This is the South Carolina Democrat’s second DUI in 12 months.

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A study published this week shows that Canadians and Americans imbibe 50% more alcohol per year than the global average.

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For anyone thinking that drinking alcohol does not lead to cancer, think again.

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