I never would have guessed that getting some fast food from the drive-thru could be so dangerous. Seriously, you do not want to mess with this guy and his spork.

Don’t Call it a Rat Rod

It packs a 400 hp diesel out of a Ford F-350, a Dana 80 rear-end, and a look and feel that would make Max Rockatansky feel right at home. This is Mitch Allread’s custom fabricated creation and it is, without a doubt, one of the coolest things on the road today.


Check out this well done parody of Drive about a mysterious stranger with the ability to drink just about anything. Alcoholism just became sexy.


Have you seen the badass Ryan Gosling movie Drive yet? Well, this is its somewhat less dangerous, but equally sorta thrilling cousin, Park. Find out how just how far one man will go when he’s pushed to the edge… of the curb.

Drive Review

Buckle up and let Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn take you on this year’s most satisfying cinematic thrill ride.