Drunk Brunch

The Drunk Kitchen series has become a Youtube sensation and it’s no surprise why, alcohol just makes cooking a 1,000x better. Catch up on the series with this classic episode featuring alcohol, pancakes, and even more alcohol.

Knights of the Drunken Table

I like to imagine that a medieval keg party probably turned into something a lot like this. Just goes to show that jackasses will be jackasses no matter what the century.

Drunk Drive Assist

Drunk Drive Assist is a new Comm Star feature to help you when intoxicated and behind the wheel. And by help, we mean make your life completely miserable and accelerate your poor choices.

Drunk Girl Rap-Along

Nothing makes a good hip-hop track better than a drunk girl sloppily rapping over it. This compilation features hip-hop’s finest artists butchered by your favorite fall down drunk bimbos.

The Hungover Chef

When you wake up after a long night of boozing it up, it’s important to get some vitamins back in your body. That’s why the Hungover Chef is here to help… sort of.

The Drunken Burglar

Most of us have a couple of drunken tales up our sleeve, but have you ever hired a 7-yr-old to animate those stories with a crayon?

Epic Drunk Walk

At least when this guy wakes up and can’t remember why his neck feels like it was run over by a 18-wheeler he’ll have video documentation.

Don’t Be That Guy

Coachella 2011 starts this Friday. Check out this epic clip from last year’s festival – this guy is really struggling to get those flops.

Las Palmas Movie Trailer

This is the trailer for the short film “Las Palmas” by Johannes Nyholm. The 14 minute piece will be released later this year. A drunk baby trashes a bar and storms out? This is highbrow stuff.